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《倚天屠龙记》第六集 连环画 -~ 小人书/漫画版


Xie Xun suddenly said to Wu Ji, “My child, when you return to Central Plains, nobody can be trusted except your parents. Here, I’ll show you the Seven Hurt Fist.” As he walked to a big tree, he ate and drank like a thunderbolt from nowhere, slamming his fist on the trunk of the tree. But the tree was not damaged at all.


“How could the blind man see Cui Shan and Su Su’s puzzled face? Xie Xun said, ‘You just say that my martial arts have been abandoned?’ As he said, he pulled out a dragon slaying knife and cut the trunk of the tree obliquely. ‘In fact, the tree’s meridians have all been broken, and three days later, the leaves have withered, and ten days later, the whole body has withered and died.’ When the three people looked closer, the water and muscle channels in the tree’s heart were all broken.”.


Wuji wanted to learn this fist technique. Xie Xun shook his head and said, “People have yin and yang qi, and the five elements of gold, wood, water, fire, and earth. When practicing this fist, all seven of them will be injured. If you feel sad, you will go crazy and you cannot control it.” Su Su said, “That big brother learned this fierce fist to deal with your master’s Hunyuan Thunderbolt Hand.” Xie Xun said, “Exactly.”


“That day, I practiced the Seven Wound Fist and went to find my master,” Xie Xun continued with his revenge story. “I didn’t want to meet the Shaolin Divine Monk Kong Jian. He told me that even if I had a voice of 7rp. -; Seven Wound Fist is still not my master’s opponent. If you don’t believe me, you can hit him with thirteen fists first to replace his mistake of killing thirteen of my family.”


“What if I killed you?” Xie Xun said. Kongmian smiled bitterly and said, “If you can hurt me, your master will show up, but you can’t pretend to be innocent again in the future.” Xie Xun was so intent on finding revenge for his master that he couldn’t care much. He just saw that the divine monk was short and couldn’t bear to imitate him again, so he used only 30% of his first punch.


The first fist was the Thunderbolt Fist taught by Master Xie Xun. In vain, the master took a step back, used 50% force for the second fist, and used 70% force for the third fist. The master still took only one step back, and then seemed as if nothing had happened. Xie Xun said, “Master, if I don’t fight back, I can’t bear to fight anymore. In the future, I will never kill anyone except Master.”


Kongmian said, “What a good thing! Thank you for saying this, and I thank you on behalf of all Wulin colleagues. But I am determined to resolve this injustice, and with the remaining ten punches, you can follow suit.” Xie Xun wanted to force Shifu to appear and decided to try using the Seven Wound Fist. Who knows, just as the fourth punch was issued, the master took a step forward first.


Cuishan said, “Is that Shaolin Varja’s Body-Protecting Divine Skill?” Xie Xun said, “Exactly. When I hit him, he generated a countershock force, which only shook my five internal organs and turned them over. Next, I hit five punches in one go, but they all shook me back one by one, with clear hardness and softness, and the same hierarchy.”.


“But my master never showed up. Seeing the master dying, I cursed myself as inferior to a pig or a dog. The master only said that in the future, when killing people, he should think more about him, and said, ‘To win Chengkun, unless we can find the secret of the dragon slaying sword, the master will die.’ At this time, Cuishan and others understood why Xie Xun was holding the sword and thinking hard.”.


After this day, Xie Xun no longer mentioned the past, but more strictly supervised Wuji to practice martial arts. After another six months, he said to the Cuishan couple, “Five younger brothers and five younger sisters, in four months’ time, the wind will turn south. From today on, let’s take the raft.” The two were very happy to hear that, and immediately began to work.


After a few months, the wind turned south on this day, and Xie Xun pushed the raft into the water. He also asked the Cuishan couple to take Wuji aboard, and then pulled out the dragon slaying knife. With the horizontal knife in front of his neck, they said, “You go at a constant speed. If you want to force me, I will have to die early!” When they saw that the eldest brother was so determined, they had to kneel down and bow three times, hugging the crying Wuji and leave.


The south wind kept blowing day and night, and the raft floated in the sea without encountering a storm all the way. Taking this opportunity, Zhang Cuishan taught Wuji some elementary martial arts of Wudang. Before Wu Ji left, his adoptive father told him not to use the Xie surname anymore, and in the future, his surname will be Zhang. Only by practicing martial arts can Wuji dispel a bit of missing his adoptive father. Suddenly, two black spots appeared in the distance.


Close up and see two ships, one of which is from the Tianying Cult. Two ships of men are at war. Yin Susu reported himself as “Ziwei Hall Leader,” and the person on the boat exclaimed, “Miss Yin is back!” Here, Zhang Cuishan heard the voice of Yu Lianzhou and jumped onto the boat. With a sound of “Second Brother” and “Fifth Brother”, the two hugged each other.


On the Tianying Cult ship here, Hall Leader Li of the Tianshi Hall led the two jar leaders to greet Yin Susu and Xiao Wuji. Li Tianyuan, the master of the hall, said, “These ten years have driven your father crazy.” Yin Susu worshipped martial uncle and introduced Wuji to him, then pointed to the other party’s boat and said, “If you can resolve it, you’d better not do it.”


Cuishan called Su Su over and introduced Su Su and Wuji to Yu Erge. Yu Lianzhou led everyone into the warehouse, but before they could settle down, Xihuazi from the Kunlun Sect pressed Zhang Cuishan, “Where is Xie Xun’s evil break?” Cuishan didn’t know how to answer. Su Su said, “The evil thief Xie Xun died nine years ago.”


Xihuazi doesn’t believe it, so he must speak to Zhang Wuxia. At this time, Cuishan knew the meaning of Su Su’s words, and Xie Xun really changed completely after Wuji was born. So he also said, “Yes, that reckless Xie Xun died nine years ago.” Unexpectedly, Wuji listened and shouted, “My adoptive father wasn’t dead.” Upon hearing this, Su Su Su slapped her back.


Xihuazi saw Wuji and said that Xie Xun was not dead, so he wanted to rush forward and inquire. Su Su held Wuji in her chest and whispered, “I said that the death of your adoptive father was a lie to them. These people are bad people, and they want to harm your adoptive father. Wuji seemed to understand a lot, and he stopped speaking. At this moment, someone reported, ‘The Emei Sect and the Qiangjiong Sect have received you.'”


The leader of Kongtong Sect is Tang Wenliang, an old man in Ge Yi, and the leader of Emei Sect is Abbess Jingxu. The two men came in to hear Xihuazi say, and together they pressed Zhang Cuishan about Xie Xun’s whereabouts. Yu Lianzhou said, “Well, three months later, our sect will hold a banquet at the Yellow Crane Tower and invite all major sects to discuss the merits in public.”


All major sects returned by boat, and Cuishan obtained the consent of his second brother and took Su Su and Wu Ji together to see their mentor. Along the way, Cuishan recounted his ten years of experiences to his second brother. Yu Lianzhou told his fifth brother about the ten years of fighting between various major sects and the Tianying Cult for the search for Xie Xun and the Dragon Slaying Sabre, and about the fact that the White Turtle was still alive but kept his mouth shut.


“Bai Guishou fainted at Wupan Mountain on the same day and was not disturbed by Xie Xun’s long murmur, but he never said anything about the situation on that day. However, the Tianying Cult kept sending ships to find Xie Xun, but the news came out.” Lianzhou and the Cuishan couple were talking in the cabin, while Wuji was playing in the bow of the boat. At this moment, it was getting dark, and the ship was already approaching the town below Tongguan Mountain.


Wuji saw an old beggar playing with snakes on the dock, which was very funny. He had never seen a snake on Ice Fire Island. The old beggar waved to him while playing, and Mogli even landed from the springboard. The old beggar took a cloth bag from his back and showed Wuji what was inside. As soon as Wuji reached over, he was hoodwinked by an old beggar.


Yu Erxia heard “Ah” and rushed out with Zhang Yin and the two of them. The old beggar pointed the mouth of a black snake at Wuji and forced them to tell him where Xie Xun was. Su Su recognized this person as He Laosan of the Wushan Sect and only asked him why he wanted to catch the child. He Laosan said, “It’s only because our Plum Sect Leader Aizi was killed by Xie Xun.”


“Zhang Cuishan was in such a hurry that Yin Susu slammed the two sailors beside him into the water and shouted, ‘Oh, my fifth brother, why are you hitting me?’ He Laosan paused on the shore. Yu Erxia threw a long sword and, with a” brush “sound, chopped off the head of the poisonous snake.”. At this moment, Cuishan also flew ashore, slapping and overturning He Laosan, hugging Wuji back.


Yu Erxia ordered the ship to travel day and night, and within a few days it had entered Hubei. This night, with a clear moon and a clear breeze, Wuji was already asleep, and the three of them drank wine in the bow of the boat. Yu Lianzhou said, “Your mentor’s hundredth birthday is approaching, and the fifth younger brother will surely be very happy to catch up with your mentor. As you know, your mentor’s favorite is the fifth younger brother.” Su Su said she didn’t believe it, but she was secretly pleased.


Yu Lianzhou talked about his mentor’s intensive meditation on martial arts for nine months each year, with the aim of studying the “Nine Yang Manual”. “In those days, I heard Master Jueyuan recite the scriptures at will. In addition to my mentor, there were also Shaolin Colorless Master and the founder of Emei Sect, Female Xia Guo Xiang.” Yu Erxia suddenly stood up and said, “Which friend is interested? Please go aboard and have a drink together.”


Someone on the boat shot a loud arrow towards the shore, and immediately more than ten masked black men sprang up from the bushes on the shore. No matter how Yu Erxia asks, the other party just doesn’t answer. Yu Lianzhou suddenly remembered that these people might break the boat and quickly jumped into the water. The lotus boat has excellent water quality. As soon as it was launched, it was discovered that someone had broken the boat and gone.


Yu Lianzhou jumped onto the boat and hurriedly asked Su Su to embrace Wuji and Cuishan to jump onto the boat together. The people on the boat saw them coming and jumped into the water, while the boat was punctured and plunged into the water. In this way, they were led ashore step by step.


The masked man on the shore surrounded Yu Erxia, Zhang Wuxia, and others with a long sword. Yu Lianzhou had already seen that the opponent’s martial arts were mediocre. With only a few strokes of his hand, he used his sword to hurt two people in succession. “However, Lianzhou didn’t hurt the other party seriously. After the group fled, he told Cuishan, ‘These are all female disciples of the Emei Sect. My mentor warned me not to offend them.'”


Yu Erge got three horses. Wuji was so happy to see Ma for the first time that he sat in front of his mother and ran forward with his second uncle and father. “I heard from Er Bo that my adoptive father killed people recklessly, so I got into trouble with the Emei Sect. Wu Ji said, ‘Er Bo, my adoptive father is blind. When I can’t beat them, tell them not to kill him.'”


Yu Lianzhou hugged Wuji and stroked his head and said, “I can’t agree to this, but I won’t kill him myself.” Wuji remained silent, with tears in his eyes. A few days later, after crossing Hankou and arriving in Anlu, they suddenly saw Tartar soldiers killing and looting in front of them. The Seven Swordsmen of Wudang hate Yuan soldiers for harming good people, and today they let them break into them.

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