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《倚天屠龙记》第八集 连环画 -~ 小人书/漫画版



Seeing and hearing nothing, Kongzhi said in a sharp voice, “I won’t ask about the Longmen Escort Agency for the time being, but if you don’t say anything about the whereabouts of the evil thief Xie Xun, you Zhang Wuxia will also say it!” Yu Lianzhou said aside, “I don’t think the master wants to find Xie Xun but the dragon slaying knife.” Kongzhi was furious and slapped the wooden table in front of him, saying, “I dare you to ask Immortal Zhang for his advice.”


Kongzhi then said, “Zhang Zhenren and I, two generations, are really disrespectful if they treat each other one-on-one, so they want to consult with each other.” Zhang Sanfeng smiled slightly and made no comment. Song Yuanqiao said, “Today, my master’s hundredth birthday, how can we compete with our guests? Let us, the seven disciples of Wudang, learn the exquisite martial arts of several eminent monks in Shaolin.”


It turns out that Zhang Sanfeng has a set of proud martial arts called “Zhenwu Seven-section Array” passed on to seven disciples. If they use it together, they can become 64 first-class experts at the same time. Kong Wen agreed to treat the Seven Shaolin Monks to the Seven Warriors of Wudang. Yu Lianzhou and Zhang Songxi both thought of using five younger brothers and sisters to support Yu Daiyan, so they followed Cuishan to invite Su Su.


Su Su has been ill for several days due to Wu Ji’s illness. However, considering that today’s events are mostly caused by her, she thinks that even if her martial arts are not good enough, she should fight hard. So he followed the crowd to Yu San Ge’s room. Dai Yan and Su Su have not yet met. Seeing her beautiful appearance and gentle manner at the moment, they are very happy for their fifth younger brother and say, “Let me pass on a footwork right as a greeting.”


Su Su said, “Thank you very much, Third Brother.” Yu Daiyan heard her speak for the first time, and suddenly remembered the past. He felt both resentment and pain. The brothers only said that he was ill. Only Yin Susu said, “The third brother really recognized my voice. The one who entrusted Escort Leader Du to bring you back that day was my younger sister.”


Yu Daiyan said coldly, “Why are you treating me like this?” Yin Susu looked gloomy and said, “This matter has never been known to Cuishan.” Dai Yan sighed, “Then you can stop talking.”… “Susu said,” The third brother is willing to recite the brotherhood of Cuishan, so he forbear not to say it. Yes, it was my younger sister who hurt you with mosquito whiskers that day… ”


After hearing this, Zhang Cuishan shouted, “You, why didn’t you say it earlier?” Su Su said, “Your wife is the culprit who hurt your third brother. How dare I tell you?” Then Su Su pulled out his sword and handed it to Cuishan, saying, “Brother Five, you and I have been married for ten years, and we have a profound friendship. I die without complaint today. I hope you can kill me with one sword, in order to fulfill the righteousness of the seven heroes of Wudang.”


Cuishan took the sword and remembered the love between husband and wife over the past ten years, but he couldn’t do it. “He paused for a moment, suddenly exclaimed, ran to the hall, knelt down in front of Zhang Sanfeng, and said, ‘Master, the disciple’s great mistake has been made, and cannot be undone. The disciple only asked the master to rescue Wuji and bring him up to adulthood.’ With that, the sword fell flat and he was instantly killed.”.


Zhang Sanfeng and all his disciples shouted in unison to seize the boat, but it could not be saved. At this moment, the cry of “Daddy” came from outside the hall window. Zhang Sanfeng’s figure shook and he reached the window. He saw a man in a Mongolian military uniform holding a boy. Zhang Sanfeng whispered, “Go in!” The man couldn’t escape and could only enter the hall according to his words.


Yin Susu was greatly saddened and delighted to see her husband commit suicide and her son return unharmed. She hugged her son and asked, “Didn’t you say where your adoptive father was?” Wuji proudly said, “He won’t tell me even if he killed me.” Suddenly he cried, “Why are they forcing my father to die?” Susu said, “Don’t worry about getting revenge, just don’t let one go.”


Wuji shouted, “I don’t want revenge, I want my father to turn around alive.” Su Su said, “I’m dead, I can’t turn around anymore.” Her body trembled slightly, and she gently called Master Kongwen to tell him about Xie Xun’s whereabouts. But her mouth moved without making a sound. “I didn’t hear a word clearly, did I?” said Kong Wen


Su Su sneered and said, “That’s all I can say. When you get there, you’ll see him.” Later on, as Kong Wen turned, Su Su whispered to Wu Ji, “My child, when you grow up, you should beware of women cheating on you. I just lied to the old monk…” After that, she smiled sadly and fell to the ground, only to see a dagger stuck in her chest.


Wuji jumped on his mother and shouted, then suddenly stood up and asked Master Kongwen, “Did you kill my mother?” Kongwen was greatly shocked and hurriedly said, “It wasn’t me, it was she who committed suicide.” Then he said to Zhang Sanfeng, “This is not what we expected. After the death of the Zhang Wuxia and his wife, we will not investigate any previous events, and we will leave now.”


When everyone saw this, they all said goodbye to Zhang Sanfeng. When the guest walked out, everyone in the Wudang Sect wept bitterly. “The Emei Sect finally got up, and Ji Xiaofu approached Yin Liting, saying in a low voice, ‘Sixth Brother, I can’t help you,…’… only the next life will be rewarded. ‘” Yin Liting said,’ This is not your business. ‘Ji Xiaofu turned pale and ran out. “.


Wuji was about to cry, unable to turn around in one breath, and fell to the ground with a thud. Zhang Sanfeng picked it up and touched it. He noticed a spot on his vest that looked like charcoal burning, but it was freezing cold all around. He quickly asked, “Yuanqiao, where is the Tartar soldier who brought the child in?” Song Yuanqiao and Yu Lianzhou responded, but there was no sign of him.


Zhang Sanfeng tore open Wuji’s back and put on his clothes. He saw a green five-fingered palm print on the thin skin and white flesh. He frowned and sighed, “There are actually people in the world who can use this insidious Xuanming Divine Palm. To save Wuji, unless our master Jueyuan comes back to life and teaches me all the Nine Yang Scriptures.” Upon hearing this, my younger brothers’ hearts sank.


Yu Lianzhou was puzzled, and Zhang Sanfeng said, “That day, this person didn’t use all his strength, because I don’t know how strong your palm is. If you defeat him, the cold poison will return to him. Nowadays, only a few of us use our internal power to help Wuji suck out the cold poison.” After that, Zhang Sanfeng absorbed the yin and cold poison from Wuji’s body as a hundred-year-old boy.


Zhang Sanfeng led several disciples to take turns using internal power to absorb the cold poison on Wuji’s body. For 36 days, Wuji seemed to be getting better, but the top of his head, his heart, and his lower abdomen became colder and colder. Zhang Sanfeng pondered for a long time, thinking that only by allowing his children to practice the “Nine Yang Manual” themselves. From this day on, I taught Wuji to practice according to law every day.


After two years of practicing this way, Zhang Wuji’s Dantian Breath and Purple Qi have achieved a small success. However, the cold and toxic glue in the body is firmly embedded in the meridians and cannot be eliminated. Every time the attack occurs, the pain increases day by day. Zhang Sanfeng thought that he could only save Wuji’s life by going to Shaolin and asking Master Kongwen to teach them the authentic scriptures he had passed on, since he could not practice them by 30 to 40%.


Zhang Sanfeng did not allow other disciples to accompany him and took Wuji to the Shaolin Temple alone. In those days, Jueyuan passed on the “Nine Yang Scripture”, and the Emei Sect also had a copy. However, today’s leader, the extermination teacher, Taisi, ignored Zhang Sanfeng. Zhang Sanfeng revisited the old land, but when he saw the five peaks as old forest of steles, it was clear that the people of Jueyuan and Guo Xiang were already gone.


Zhang Sanfeng came to the Shaolin Temple despite the suspicion of discord between Shaolin and Wudang, and didn’t want to be stopped outside the temple door. He put up with everything and only asked the Abbot to kick the “Nine Yang Scripture” to save Wuji, and said that he would exchange some of the scriptures he had learned for others. However, Kongwen, Kongzhi, and Kongxing not only refused to speak out and humiliate.


Zhang Sanfeng did not argue with them, took Wuji’s hand and floated down the mountain. Zhang Wuji saw Zhang Sanfeng’s expression darken and said, “Grand Master, you don’t have to be sad. After the child dies, you will see your parents.” Sanfeng said, “Don’t think so, Grand Master will always try to save you.” Suddenly, a fight came from the river below the mountain.


Arriving at the riverside, I saw a Yuan soldier on a large boat shooting arrows at a small boat. On the boat sat a big man with a long beard. He rowed the boat with one hand and blocked the arrow with a paddle with the other. In the boat, there were also two children, a man and a woman. As soon as Zhang Sanfeng saw the hero in distress and his child in distress, he decided to go to help.


At this moment, there was only a scream, and the boy on the boat had already been hit with an arrow on his vest. When the big man leaned over and looked, he himself had been hit with two more arrows. Seeing that the situation was urgent, Zhang Sanfeng hurriedly threw two branches, one jumping vertically, and using the force of the branches, he boarded the boat. “Stop it!” he roared, and with a wave of his sleeve robe, several Yuan soldiers were thrown down the river.


A Mongolian military official roared, “Who are you? How dare you help the Yuan Zhou Demon Sect rebel?” He raised his knife and chopped at him. Zhang Sanfeng leaned slightly and gently released his palm, as the military officer flew into the air again. The troops of the Yuan Dynasty were in great disorder. Zhang Sanfeng thought to himself, “Whatever happens in the Demon Sect, when I look back, the big man on the boat has fainted, and only the little girl is crying.”.


Sanfeng jumped onto the boat and applied the poison arrow to the big man. The big man immediately woke up, kowtowed, and said, “Teacher, save your life. Always in spring, thank you.” He told Zhang Sanfeng that the boy was Zhou Ziwang’s husband, and the little girl was the daughter of the boatman. “I didn’t protect my little lord well, and I also ruined the little girl’s family.”.


Zhang Sanfeng saw that the Yuan soldiers had gone, so he and Chang Yuchun went ashore and came to a small shop. He knew that Zhou Ziwang was the eldest disciple of the Demon Cult “Ming Cult”. Several years ago, he had an uprising in Yuanzhou and was exterminated by the Yuan army. Zhou Ziwang was captured and beheaded, and he was considered a hero. Seeing his son die again today, it was a coincidence that he rescued Chang Yuchun, not his intention.


Zhang Sanfeng wants to serve a table of food and ask Wuji to share it with Chang Yuchun and the little girl. Wuji felt sad and couldn’t swallow any food. The little girl said, “Little Xianggong, if you don’t eat, the old Taoist priest won’t be happy anymore.” Wuji thought about it, so the little girl took one bite of the rice and put it into Wuji’s mouth.

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